What you can do with connected Things in the SmartThings Classic app

Now that you’ve added your first smart device (go you!), let’s take a look at what you can do with it…

From My Home, you can:

  • See the current status of your Things (Open, Closed, Present, etc.)
  • Toggle simple controls for some Things, such as On/Off for outlets, switches, and bulbs
  • Tap a Thing to access more options

By tapping a Thing, you can:

  • View its full status, including sensor readings such as temperature
  • Toggle and adjust controls (if applicable)
  • View its battery life (if applicable)
  • View its recent activity
  • View any associated SmartApps
  • Refresh its connection
  • Change its name and other configuration info (by tapping the Gear icon)
SmartThings Fact:

Some Things are capable of doing more than their intended purpose. For example, the SmartThings Motion Sensor also reports the temperature.

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