Finding your way around the SmartThings Classic app

The SmartThings Classic app is where you add smart devices and set up, control, and monitor your smart home. It’s like mission control, only you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to press all the buttons.

With the SmartThings Classic app, you can:

  • Connect all your smart devices so you can control them with your voice, from the app or with Automations
  • Add new smart devices to your system
  • Make your smart devices do things at a certain time (8:30 a.m., sunset, etc.), event (when you arrive home, a door opens, a sensor detects motion, etc.) or a combination of both
  • Monitor and secure your smart home from anywhere

As you become more familiar with the app, you’ll find different ways to add and automate smart devices, but for now, let’s start with the basics.

Main Sections

Depending on your smartphone or tablet, there may be slight variations in your app’s appearance.


Quickly access your favorite smart devices and routines and monitor your home for smoke, fire or intrusion.

My Home

Here’s where you add new smart devices (we call them Things), check their status, control them, group them together into rooms and see who’s at home and who’s not.


Here’s where you make your home smart by programing Things to behave automatically. There are two types of automations: Routines and SmartApps. The SmartThings Classic app comes loaded with some common Routines to help you get started.


Here’s where you can browse all our compatible smart devices and quickly connect the ones you own. Even more exciting, you can find and install free SmartApps that can make your home even smarter.

More Menu

See your home’s current Mode, make sure your Hub is online, learn about any SmartThings updates or notifications and access your account settings (including adding other users). (Note: On iOS devices, More is accessed from the bottom right.)

Primary Actions

  • In My Home, the Plus icon walks you through adding a new Thing or Room. In Automation, it walks you through adding a Routine or SmartApp.

  • The Gear icon, often in the upper right corner, allows you to configure the item you’re currently viewing, whether its a Thing, a Room, a Routine, or a SmartApp.

SmartThings Fact:

The SmartThings Classic app knows what smart devices you have connected and will present you with a unique experience based on that info.

Next Up:
Adding Things to your smart home