Adding family members

Having a light turn on when you arrive home is one of the first automations many SmartThings users try. It’s based on the proximity of your smartphone to your Hub’s location. Great for you, but it doesn’t help anyone else in your home. That’s where SmartThings’ Family comes in.

Anyone with a compatible smartphone can be added as a family member.

What can family members do in the SmartThings Classic app?

  • Add new Things
  • Add new Rooms
  • Set up new automations
  • Edit existing automations
  • Edit their own account details
  • Pretty much anything you can do!

How to add a family member:

Once your family member accepts the invitation, downloads the app, and follows the steps to create their account, they can use SmartThings just like you. NOTE: Family members do not need to add the Hub or use the Welcome Code.

Want to trigger events when family arrives?

In order for the new family member’s phone to trigger automations, they’ll need to add it as a mobile presence device. Learn more about that here.

SmartThings Fact:

If you invite a new family member to SmartThings and they already have an account, the new shared location will simply be added to their Locations list in the app.

Still have questions?

Visit the SmartThings Support Site for more help with your Hub, devices, or App.

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