Adding your first automation in the SmartThings Classic app

When you make a smart device automatically do something, it’s called an automation. The SmartThings Classic app makes creating automations fun and easy.

First, a little background:

There are 2 different types of automations you can create:

Routines let you trigger actions at a certain time (like sunset or 8:30 a.m.) or when something else happens (like a door opening or you arriving home). You’ll notice a few common Routines already in your app, which you can explore and customize to meet your needs.

SmartApps are free automation builders developed by Samsung and the SmartThings community. Many SmartApps give you greater control of specific Things (like voice control capabilities, etc.) and make it easier to create advanced automations.

Let’s start by adding a Routine:

Now what?

To truly take advantage of the power of SmartThings, experiment with your new Routine’s Additional Settings on its configuration screen. From there you can completely customize when your Routine is triggered based on people arriving or departing, the time of day, or a different device’s status.

SmartThings Fact:

Thanks to your smartphone’s built-in GPS, you can set up a virtual perimeter or "geofence" around your house so Routines can be triggered when you come and go.

Next Up:
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